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Why us?

Our preforms are made from highly precise and accurate moulds which are used with high quality machinery. We use only Rel Pet as our raw material which gives the product an aesthetic appearance along with providing strength and a good shelf life.

Our preforms possess the following qualities.

  • Pet Resin

    High quality raw material which is suitable and certified for contact purposes.

  • AA Content

    Our in-house expertise are specially trained to make sure that our preforms contain a very low amount of acetaldehyde content which does not affect the properties of the liquid filled in later stages.

  • Intrinsic Viscosity

    Our preforms consist of adequate IV which helps in producing consistent quality bottles capable of meeting performance requirements.

Our company is always with you and wants you to grow by providing the best possible pet packaging solutions.

We aim at providing a one stop solution for all of your pet packaging needs by providing a variety of preforms for almost all the applications.

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